II. Constituents


A person or group of people to whom I’m designing with an end objective in mind. I want to make sure my work will not harm, hurt, deceive, or mislead consumers. My goal is to produce work that will enhance the experience towards a product or service.


A person or group of people with whom I develop a mutual agreement and work on a project for monetary or other valuable considerations. The bond between client and designer is essential. As a problem-solver, I want to make sure I create ethical, responsible solutions to represent their products or services.


I want to create designs that adhere to my values and solve problems that I believe need better solutions. I want to feel satisfied and proud of my work, the clients I represent, and the messages I’m putting out in the world.


Design is a collaborative practice. As such, it’s crucial to keep close, respectful relationships that can foster growth and teamwork. I want to make sure my co-workers feel supported, and we can have honest conversations that will help us improve our work and grow design as a profession.


Relationships with vendors are essential, especially when talking about ethical and environmental practices. I will treat them with the professional respect and consideration I expect from my clients. 


As an ethical designer, I want to put consumers at the center of every creative solution I develop. My goal is to solve problems, design products, and processes that promote purposeful social impact and sustainable change to make the world a better place.